My pride and joy….

My pride and joy....

Scouts in Bondage.
By Geoffrey Prout. The Aldine Publishing Co. London,

Subtitled ‘A story of Boy Scouts in strange adventure.’
Well, quite.

This is a very recent acquisition. I’ve known of this book’s existence since buying the marvellous inadvertentalia collection of the same name by Michael Bell (Aurum Press, 2006). There were, and are, copies of the original available online, but it is clearly a highly desirable title (that’s bookseller-speak for ‘very expensive’), and I could never quite give up the hope that I’d find it on the cheap one day, nestling between a copy of Doctor at Large and a battered Arthur Mee’s Sussex at an impromptu charity bazaar.

And so it came to pass. My eagle-eyed Mater plucked it out of obscurity at a charity sale, for less than a fiver. The cover’s a little worn, but who cares?

This is the kind of intermittent reinforcement that make addicts.


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