Is that a squib in your pocket…?



Pocket Thunder and other stories.

Harold Avery

Nelson, London, n.d. (c.1960)

Although it seems to have been published in about 1960* – the Sunday school prize plate is from 1964 – this is one of those school stories whose author seems to be stuck permanently in an ideal 1930s when all the chaps were wizard.

A sample of the deathless prose that caught my eye:

“Look here my boy, I’m very glad I don’t belong to your crush. I should feel jolly well ashamed of myself if I did. You know we shall lick you in the house footer matches, so I suppose you’ll come along some evening and bomb Mortimer’s”

“If you don’t shut your mouth I’ll ram my books down your throat,” declared Tamber….

That told him, eh?


*Update: As I am now also the proud owner of A Boy All Over by Harold Avery, which was published in the 30s at the latest, perhaps this is just a re-issue from the 60s of a much earlier book.


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