What did you do during the Armada Daddy?

drake comp

Under Cap’n Drake.

May Wynne.

The Boy’s Own Paper / RTS, n.d. (1930s)

Given as a prize for church attendance in 1936.

In case you were wondering, it opens thus:

“Mornin’, Master Dick, morning, an’ a fair one for a ride this day, in sooth.”

Richard Gaye laughed as he looked down at the old countryman in his white smock.

“Aye Jake,” quoth he, and there was just the tinge of latent bitterness in his young voice, “a fair day for riding, hawking, hunting, but it would dawn more fairly to me if it could but see me on the salt seas sailing to fight old England’s enemies and set her flag flying in new climes.”

My theory is that they gave prize books like this for Sunday school to remind children that there were worse things to read than the Bible.


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