Don’t get licked by a blighter


The Lucky Boys’ Budget

London, Blackie, nd (circa early 20s?)

I don’t usually post a book just for random snatches (as it were), but honestly:

“There’s been fagging in this dayroom for a dickens of a time,” he said, “and nobody’s ever objected before.”

“If you lick me,” continued Nesbitt, “you can choose two fags and nobody will say a word.”

Of course, one shouldn’t just take sentences out of context, should one? So unfair on Jeffrey Havilton the author of A Doubling Blow on page 33 (a nice little story about boys beating one another senseless over who gets the pleasure of bulling smaller boys, the moral of which seems to be ‘don’t be a sneak when you’re being bullied’ … but whatever).

So let’s not take this next bit out of context, let’s just present the first few lines of the last story (The propelling pencil) as they appear:

“It lowers the prestige of the service,” said Tony Blair, the junior cadet.

“Swanker!” shouted Bobby Charteris from the other side of the half-deck.

Sorry, but there it is. Prophetic, some of these school stories.


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