Still impressive


Seven Days Hard.

by Sydney Parkman,

London, H&S, 1938.

Might not seem like much if you put it next to Fifty Years Hard, but it’s still a considerable achievement — or affliction.

According to the blurb it’s about a bookseller’s assistant who gets the biggest thrill of his life, which ultimately enables him to find his manhood. It’s a wonder that he got through school without becoming acquainted with it somewhere along the line, but whatever.

Also worth noting is that this chap really should have got his hands on a copy of How to Avoid Huge Ships* by J.W. Trimmer, and had a read before he went out in that rowboat.


*Real book. Actually, I think it’s a real book, and the title of a book of book titles — strangely, I don’t have either.


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