The suspense is killing me


The Fate of Fluffles: A book for girls.

by May Wynne, Phillippa Francklyn, & Mary Shrewsbury,

London: Nelson (nd, 1920s, presumably).

The question we’re all asking: is Fluffles the name of the bear, or did the bear maybe eat Fluffles? And if so, who or what is Fluffles?

So many questions!


PS: isn’t it a lovely cover, though? Pictorial board, not cloth, which might mean it was a cheap edition, but they certainly made the most of it.

However, someone cut the picture out of page 17 (the caption: ‘Look Bertie,’ cried Netta Clarke to her brother’ remains). I hope a bear ate them, whoever they were.

PPS: in case the suspense really is killing you — this book is a collection of stories, and for some reason they chose not to illustrate the title story on the cover, but a completely different one. Fluffles was fine. Promise. Nowhere near the bear.


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