What happens at sea stays at sea

blown comp

Blown Away from the Land.

By David Ker,

London: Blackie, n.d. (1920s or before).

Well, I got my joke into the header, so only pausing to note that, inevitably, the two young Chaps are cousins called Rex and Dick, I’m going to hurry on to other matters.

In fact, I’m going to award the publishers, Blackie, my inaugural Will you just make up your mind? prize for misleading cover and/or jacket art on this work.

Above, obviously, the nice pictorial cover. At first glance, it seems to be two chaps at school. But if you check out the frontispiece, you’ll see this:


So — it’s an Adventure in the Mediterranean (as good a place as any for Dick and Rex to get blown, I suppose). And it’s North African by the looks, so if you go back to the cover, you can perhaps make out that what I initially took to be a church spire (upper left) is — well it kind of is, actually, being a minaret.

Okay, that’s all cool. But what, for heaven’s sake, has any of that to do with the dust-jacket?


Admiral Nelson? Horatio Bloody-Hornblower? Just what? The book has a run away car on page four.

So congratulations, Blackie, unless deeper reading reveals, either a naval cos-play subplot, or a wonderful account of the Battle of Trafalgar by Famous Uncle Frank, you’ve won the prize!


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