A load of bullocks


The Steering of Stephen.

By A Lang Ordon

London: Lutterworth, 1954.

I’m reliably informed by the foul-minded person who bought me this book* that animal behaviour enthusiasts, readers of Temple Grandin’s books, and cattle fans will be rolling about over this one.

I had to be told. I assumed it to be a simple matter of castration. But now I’m too coy to say what steers apparently get up to when feeling their oats on nice spring days.

So, instead, I’ll just get on with awarding this author with the Queer Doings Plume d’or for the most inept pen-name ever devised. If Mr Alan Gordon (I presume) couldn’t even make up a different name for himself, what hope for the story?

Though, of course, we’re in the heady, evangelical world of the Lutterworth Press again, so the Improvement is laid on with a Trowel, decent story optional.


*Thanks Mum!


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