A prequel?


Picked Up At Sea.

By J.C. Hutcheson,

London: Blackie & Son (n.d.)

I thought this might be a prequel to Blown Away from Land, but apparently not. In fact, it seems to have been published somewhat later.

But it’s a charming volume with many points of interest.

Honestly: while I was trying to date it I thought I’d check the prose-style for clues. I opened it randomly to page 73 and came up with this:

Chapter XI

A Roundabout Route

Mr. Rawlings had taken a strong fancy to the young Englishman from the first, and the more he saw of his frank, open nature, the more he liked him.

The feeling, too, was evidently mutual, the young man being attracted by the bluff, hearty, honest, outspokenness of the other, who could not conceal his unaffected delight at once more coming across one from the old country, with whom he could converse on a different footing than he could with the rough miners who composed the majority of his camp party …

See what I mean?

(I decided 1920s or 30s, by the way. But why are so few presentation plates dated? Not that this is always a clear guide, but it’s better than nothing.)

Oh, and if all this seems promising (along with the young hero’s girlish eyelashes, see page 15), you might be interested in some of the other titles in Blackie’s Capitol Library:



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