It’s in the details


Be Prepared! or the Making of a Scout.

By Argyll Saxby,

London: SW Partridge, (nd, circa 1935).

Not captured for the title, or the wonderfully improbable picture on the front board*, but simply for its thrilling list of Other Titles Uniform with this Volume:


Now, I have a theory that this is actually series of novels that, if read in the right order, make up a coherent narrative. Perhaps:

Adventurers All!
Suzanne and the Friends she Made
Marjorie’s Enemy
Granny’s Little Girl
Lost Muriel
The Little Slave Girl
Into a Sunlit Harbour
Dick Lionheart
A Regular Handful
Be Prepared!
A Rough Night
Who was the Culprit?
Babes in the Basket
Bob and Bob’s Baby
Rob and I
Out of the Straight

Of course, you’d need to fill in a few blanks. So that’s my attempt. Why not try it yourself at home?

*The picture on the front board? Look at it. The one in front falls backward as the one behind—evidently supposed to be capturing him—lunges forward.

Come on! We obey the laws of physics in this house!



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