Tragedy comes in many guises


Cut off from Crumpets. Margaret J Baker, Methuen, London (duh), 1964.

Such an English title, and such an English double entendre, but very much of the book’s time. But according to the blurb, it was very cold in England in 1963, and a lot of people were cut off, not just from their crumpets, but other tasty things as well.

… So it’s about a family getting snowed in during their Christmas holiday in Somerset (obviously — the title says it all). But the author’s previous book was about the same family getting flood-bound while on their Christmas holiday in Somerset. So from this we can infer that her next one was probably about all the roads in Somerset being blocked by debris from a hurricane that happened during the Christmas holidays in 1965 … but with any luck the family will have gone to  Ibiza instead.


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