Inadvertentalia …?

It’s very simple: antique and book sellers make their catalogues seem more impressive by adding ‘ana’ or ‘alia’ to the end on anything that they have more than half a dozen of: ‘Australiana’, ‘Kitchenalia’, ‘Cinemalia’, ‘Burnsiana’, ‘Hobby Farmalia’, ‘Texarkana’ etc.

So, this is my collection of books with inadvertently amusing titles: inadvertentalia.

And it really is a collection too. No cheating with library catalogues or Google Images, no mock-ups, no mash-ups. I own all of these books. The vast majority of them have been bought at very little expense from charity shops, book fairs, and so on.

I give full publication details and, where possible, give the illustrator too, because they can contribute greatly to the full appreciation of the works on offer.